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About Me


I'm Ana Maria Stoica, Business consultant & International Trainer in the textile care industry

My mission: to create an ecosystem where cleaners can provide better care, designers can produce better, and consumers

My philosophy: the future of dry cleaners is being (re)built now, integrating work ethics, respect for quality, care for textile products, and environmental concerns.

+14 years of experience in textile care, cleaning processes, and technological flow optimization

Half of my passion for textile care is ingrained in my DNA, while the other half stems from the pleasure of developing work processes and sustainable businesses. In my family, I am the second generation of entrepreneurs operating in the dry cleaning industry.

I have accumulated over 14 years of experience. In the early years, I trained as a professional, and in the following years, I built a business.

Formative milestones

  1. 2009 - 2017

    Practical Formation

    8 years of practical training at all levels (production and management) within a chain of textile care establishments in Bucharest.
  2. 2015

    First Steps

    Creation and support of the first seminars and events dedicated to the textile care industry, focused on "wet cleaning" processes.
  3. 2017 - 2020

    First Services

    Launching professional training services in the textile care industry. Workshops dedicated to entrepreneurs and employees to optimize processes and technological flow.
  4. 2020


    Opening a specialized training center for continuous education. A showroom equipped with the entire technological line specific to cleaners, where learning processes, technological flow, and management are predominantly hands-on.
  5. 2020 - 2021


    Due to the specific restrictions in the initial phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, the training center transformed into Softwash, a premium ecological laundry using wet cleaning technology.
  6. 2022


    Establishment of the first and only association of textile care establishments in Romania, which continues to grow month by month.
  7. 2022 - Prezent


    Reorienting towards training services and creating concepts for textile care establishments. Since then, I have been helping entrepreneurs open and develop their own businesses in this industry. I am also active in specific professional associations, where I give voice to the activities in Romania and abroad.

Who is Ana, the professional?

Expertise in cleaning processes and business vision

Îmi plac ordinea și organizarea, sistemele, mecanismele și procesele tehnice. Îmi place să lucrez cu strategii și cu oameni.

Am învățat despre materiale, fluxuri operaționale optime și împlinirea așteptărilor clienților experimentând direct în cadrul curățătoriilor textile. Am gestionat procese de lucru și situații problematice în locații multiple și cu personal divers.

Anii de formare teoretică și practică îmi oferă o perspectivă amplă asupra provocărilor cu care se confruntă antreprenorii și îmi permit să am o viziune autentică asupra a ce înseamnă un business de succes în acest domeniu.

Cred în învățarea continuă și îmi place să asist oamenii în procesul de învățare.

What I believe in

Professional values

Take care of what you already own


I am constantly in touch with new processes, technologies, and trends in the textile care industry, which I utilize in training sessions. I want to empower the entrepreneurs I work with through the power of continuous innovation.


Implementing best practices tailored to each cleaner, adapted to their specific needs and objectives. Each project is custom-made. My goal is for you to understand the industry and discover the aspects of your business that differentiate and highlight you.


Within projects and consultancy sessions, we address topics that are important to you and provide you with multiple options to make the most appropriate choice. We focus on clarity and change. We analyze where you are now and where you want to be.


I believe in professionalism, in doing things correctly and rigorously. To achieve this, I put into practice the full set of skills and knowledge accumulated over 14 years of activity in the textile care field.


From technologies to processes, my vision is based on 100% green strategies. I incorporate international sustainability goals, and each project focuses on implementing the best industry practices. I exclusively work with entrepreneurs oriented towards sustainability and circular economy.


I believe in belonging and the importance of collective support. My goal is to create a community of entrepreneurs in the textile care industry where competition is with ourselves, where ideas, advice, and inspiration are shared.


CINET International Association

Founding Member


Jury Member

CINET - Best Practice Awards 2022

Who is Ana, the person?

I enjoy people's stories and listening to them

I am a simple person. And a morning person.

I love nature and traveling. I recharge myself by cycling, reading, and practicing yoga. I consistently attend concerts and theater performances. I enjoy people's stories and have the patience and curiosity to listen to them.

I am a simple person. And a seeker of experiences.

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