DeChriss Luxury Cleaning

DeChriss Luxury Cleaning

Cleaning Process:

Development of a Luxury Cleaning Business from Scratch
DeChriss Luxury Cleaning is a project developed from scratch over a period of 6 months in the center of Suceava city, with the aim of raising the standards of quality in the dry cleaning industry, focusing on the luxury niche.

I met Cristina, the driving force behind this project, a year before the launch of her business when she came to Bucharest for a one-month training program dedicated to the entire production process. This provided her with a comprehensive perspective on the industry and allowed me to understand exactly what she needed and how she envisioned her project.

Together with Cristina, we worked on all the specific strategy and implementation stages of the (RE)Start Project. We developed a concept that focused on state-of-the-art technology and sustainable work procedures, ranging from stain pre-treatment to garment pressing and packaging.

The production line targeted cutting-edge equipment specifically designed for the wet-cleaning process, which allows for the cleaning of various types of products with care and safety. We utilized industry-dedicated systems to optimize production costs and implemented quality control procedures to provide premium services at an optimal cost for the business.

One of the crucial stages in the project execution was the recruitment and training of the staff. We focused on selecting and preparing the most suitable individuals who understand the meaning of quality and are willing to learn to operate new and advanced machinery while improving their existing skills.

The location features a conveyor system that facilitates the smooth delivery process and provides a fresh and modern ambiance.

DeChriss Luxury Cleaning is visually distinctive and boasts a spacious reception area as well as a production area. In the reception area, a comfortable space is designed to offer clients a pleasant experience.

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