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Mura Laundry, the first premium laundry in Pitești, internationally recognized

Mura Laundry is a project developed in collaboration with Pitești entrepreneur Andrei Mușat. From the very beginning, our goal was to create a new trend in Pitești by offering the experience of a premium laundry through sustainable practices and high-quality final services.

The project was built from scratch in less than 6 months and involved the simultaneous opening of two locations. Mura Laundry is also the first laundry in Pitești to develop and launch a pick-up and delivery service for cleaning and sanitizing orders to and from customers’ homes.

In developing the strategy, we aimed to combine the needs of today’s consumers with complementary services and an active online presence. We developed an extensive range of services, including cleaning ordinary products, wedding dresses, sports articles, and even footwear.

The entire operational flow, from equipment procurement and placement to the necessary products, detergents, and accessories, was carefully selected in a customized manner to adapt to the desired premium level of service and the space.

The project started with a team of five employees, whom we trained and educated for several weeks to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to provide comprehensive premium services, from order intake to processing and delivery.

Mura Laundry represents a successful 100% green laundry model that has integrated sustainability practices at all levels of the business and processes garments through the wet-cleaning method. The project was even nominated for the CINET Best Practice Awards 2022, with CINET being the most relevant international organization dedicated to professional textile care.

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