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Ana Stoica

B2B Consultancy

For your textile cleaning business being more than any other

B2B Consultancy

Timely support to make the right decisions, whether you are just starting out or already have a dry cleaning business.

Wether you're only just starting or you have a business already

1 hour of consultancy where you have my full attention and access to all my knowledge.

If you need to make an important decision, are facing challenges with your employees, or want to develop a new service but are unsure about it, I can provide well-reasoned answers to your business questions.

Together, we can identify the right solutions for your dry cleaning business. We focus on your business model and direction, optimal processes and procedures, the most efficient equipment, and human resource management.

You gain clarity, guidance, and support.

Whenever you have doubts or need to make difficult decisions, during moments of impasse or seemingly unsolvable problems, I can help you understand the services you offer, the equipment you need, and assist you in the recruitment and selection process.

I help you differentiate yourself through know-how and a business model where the quality of services brings long-term value.

3 options
tailored to your needs

You decide how much support you need from me. Depending on the problem you are facing, you can choose 1 session, 4 sessions, or 6 sessions. Each session lasts 1 hour, and we will schedule the meetings according to both of our availabilities.

I will assist you in developing a laundry that makes a difference. Through quality, professionalism & profitability.


Consultancy sessions

are suitable when:

you intend to open a dry cleaning business but are undecided or need clarity.

  • you are unsure about different business models
  • you are unsure about the range of services you can offer
  • you don’t know which equipment to order or how to choose the right location
  • you are considering applying for non-refundable funds and need a perspective on the profitability of such a business

you have an existing dry cleaning business

  • but it has low profitability
  • you want to make a change but are unsure which direction to take and how to do it
  • you want to be active online but don’t have a system for home delivery orders
  • you want to implement sustainability projects and don’t know how
  • you are facing various problems and need an external business perspective


Discovery Call

Book a free 30 min. call, to talk about your needs and how you can benefit from this training!

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Discovery Call

Book a free 30 min. call, to talk about your needs and how you can benefit from this training!