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For visionary entrepreneurs and future businesses

The dry cleanings of tomorrow are being (re)built now

Join an ecosystem for eco-performing dry cleaning with trained employees

For visionary entrepreneurs

From theory to practice

I help you build, optimize, and develop your own professional laundry business.

Want to open a textile cleaning service, but don’t know where to start? You have the equipment, but how do you use it optimally? Your laundry business is functioning, but how can it operate even better?

Let’s take your business beyond “it works like this!”


Ana Maria Stoica


Meetings on various topics to better understand trends and opportunities in the textile cleaning industry. Each discussion aims to delve into a specific subject, analyzing how things have been, how they are now, and how they will be in the future.


Get clarification, guidance, and support. I assist you punctually or step by step in building a value-added laundry business. I help you differentiate yourself through know-how and a business model focused on quality, efficiency, and sustainability.

(Re)Start Project

Are you planning to start a laundry business from scratch or take over an existing one? You have access to know-how and support to avoid planning and management mistakes from the beginning and maximize your chances of success.

Specialized Training

Dedicated to you and your employees, regardless of your experience in the field. You achieve coherent and controlled processes, optimization, and predictable results. At the end of the training sessions, you will know what to do, when, and how to achieve maximum efficiency.

Why should we work together?

+14 years of experience in textile cleaning, cleaning processes, and technological flow optimization

I am Ana Maria Stoica, a Business Strategist & Trainer in the textile cleaning industry.

My mission: to create an ecosystem where laundries care better, designers produce better, and consumers wear better.

My philosophy: the laundries of the future are (re)built now. They integrate work ethics, respect for quality, care for textile products, and concern for the environment.


Immediate access to the skills and knowledge accumulated over 14 years of experience.


We work coherently, with a focus on your clearly defined objectives.


Condensed and structured information delivered at the learning pace of those in training.


Each project is custom-made, in accordance with its specific needs, development stage, and transformation capabilities.


Access to a community of entrepreneurs that offers you support, inspiration, and guidance.


Creating and developing your business based on 100% green procedures and technology.

The laundries of tomorrow are (re)built now

Partners in Sustainability



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Discovery Call

Book a free 30 min. call, to talk about your needs and how you can benefit from this training!